barbie cartoonBarbie is perhaps the most famous fashion doll. Made by Mattel, the American toy-company, the cute doll was launched in March 1959. Ruth Handler, the creator of the doll, found her inspiration in Bild Lilli, a German doll. Ever since Barbie has remained an important part of the doll market anRd the first choice among children looking for dolls. The doll has many different appearances and has been a model for girls all over the world. It has appeared in movies, musicals, cartoons, videos, and stories. Barbie cartoons are very popular and enjoyed widely among children and especially little girl. In fact, one will come across Barbie speaking in different languages so that she can talk to any child from any country or origin. There are Barbie cartoons in Urdu as well as in Hindi.

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Ken and BarbieThere is no doubt that there is more to Barbie than just a stylish doll. For many girls Barbie is something they can relate to and their best friend with whom they share their secrets and with whom they spend most of their play time. Hence, girls all over the globe are passionate about getting Barbie and to play with it. If you are thinking of an excellent Christmas present, Barbie doll is the right thing to present because it serves the purpose. Barbie doll certainly attracts many young girls and they can play with their friends when they have their own Barbie dolls. However, when you are buying Barbie you must also think of purchasing Ken, because Barbie and Ken usually stay together in their fictionalized world.

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Barbie PrincessChildren are always excited about their toys and the cartoon movie they watch because it is an integral part of their world. For girls, Barbie is the most exciting thing that can happen to her and therefore it is a good idea if you can provide her with Princess Barbie toys that can help her to spend her spare time or play around with her friends. When it comes to playing with toys girls want their Barbie Princess to be good looking and therefore they usually want some accessories that are readily available in the market which makes things fun and excited while playing.

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Barbie Movies Free OnlineEvery girl in the world is passionate about having someone that can understand her and be her partner during the playtime. Barbie dolls have been popular throughout the world and have remained the most popular friend and playtime partner of girls of young age. However, today Barbie is not just limited as a mere toy, but is also available in different formats. Today, you can look out for Barbie movies free online that can provide you with unlimited family entertainment to ensure that you can spend quality time with your family, or you can let your girl watch it alone when she wants to be entertained.

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Barbie GamesWhen it comes to play, girls are very different from boys and they have lot of imagination and creativity that helps them to develop their mindset in their own way. Most girls adore Barbie and therefore they prefer to play with their Barbie dolls that allow them to set off their imagination the way they want. In the past few years, internet has opened up new ways for girls to watch Barbie cartoons online and even play online Barbie games that provide the right kind of entertainment especially for girls who want to stay indoors and want to have fun on their own.

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Barbie Doll HouseGirl’s playtime are infused with lots of imagination, dreams and excitement and therefore Barbie is the right kind of companion that she can have fun with and play around. Millions of girls around the world prefer to play with Barbie where she can share her small talks and secrets and come up with her own imagination of how she wants to treat her and have her own stories that she can confide in. However, to make it even better you can always get your daughter with a Barbie doll house that can only take her imagination to the next level. Here are top 3 reasons why you should gift your daughter with Barbie dream house.

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barbie cartoon youtubeAre you searching for Barbie cartoons online? Internet has made it easier for the users to not just find information, but also to be entertained. If you are a Barbie fan, you can certainly visit YouTube and see full movies that can provide you hours of entertainment without paying anything for it. There are various YouTube Barbie cartoons that you can enjoy even when you are on the move. These full movies will keep you busy and entertained and ensure that you don’t have to spend more watching it.

Here are top 4 reasons why you should watch Barbie cartoons on YouTube.

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barbie 1Barbie is a name that echoes in the mind of every young girl when asked about a doll. So close is the attachment between girls and their Barbie dolls that they get really irritated when you touch their Barbie or not let them play with it. They see a companion in a Barbie doll, with which they can share everything. Barbie cartoons and Barbie cartoon movies have a similar impact on the young viewers as they portray Barbie in different roles and characters. The popularity of Barbie cartoons is credited to the creative storyline and plot in every cartoon.

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barbie dhBarbie has been the best companion of young girls for the past few decades. Barbie dolls have a special connect with girls. They imagine themselves as their dolls and dress them up accordingly. This explains the possessiveness of girls regarding their Barbie dolls. Barbie has influenced the way girls look at lifestyle and trends. A companion who can dress up in a variety of costumes obviously has an effect on the girls regarding their dress sense. Barbie has helped girls in becoming fashion forward and up to date with the latest trends.

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Barbie is a fashion icon and celebrity, very popular among her young fans. She has donned many characters and has been a young girl’s best friend for a long period of time. The Barbie dolls gained popularity in the mid 60’s for their fashion forwardness and availability of options. Girls could dress their favorite doll in their choice of clothes; comb its hair and many such activities. Girls with Barbie dolls were really active as they considered their dolls to be a part of their life. Barbie was even sold with a tea set and tea table, so that girls could feel elated sharing a cup of tea with their mate. Barbie has starred in cartoons and cartoon movies, for the girls to know better about her and her life.

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barbie 4Barbie is a much-adored celebrity who has traversed across continents exuding her charm over many children who consider her a glam queen and a fashion icon. Barbie is undoubtedly the best choice for young girls across the continents and is the most sought after toy. Girls remember their childhood by the Barbie collection they had and consider Barbie to be a part of their growth. Without doubt Barbie cartoons and Barbie cartoon movies have been commercial successes, thanks to the ever-growing fan base. Barbie cartoons and Barbie cartoon movies in Hindi are quite a fad among the young viewers in Hindi speaking countries. This widespread popularity shows the love and affection the young kids display for their favorite friend. Children want a Barbie doll to shower it with immeasurable affection and care. Now they get to watch their friend appear in cartoons and movies much to their joy.

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